Lavinty Bergamot Essential Oil
Lavinty Pure Bergamot Essential Oil
Lavinty Natural Bergamot Essential Oil
Pure & Natural Bergamot Essential Oil


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Botanical Name: Citrus Aurantium Bergamia
Oil Origin: Fruit Peel
Extraction: Cold Pressed
Aroma: Sweet, Citrus
Origin: India


Formulated from bergamot plant which is native to Italy, this oil has a delightful floral and aroma. It is primarily used in soaps, perfumery, cosmetic and personal care products. This natural oil is effective for sprains, muscle pains and headaches. It helps to get rid of acne marks, wound scars, and skin inflammation.


The bergamot oil has stimulating and antidepressant properties that help relieve signs of depressions like sad mood, feelings of helplessness, lack of appetite, fatigue, etc. It can be combined with ylang-ylang and lavender oil to relieve mental stress and maintain healthy cortisol levels.


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